Our Collaborators

Pharmorage has worked closely with its collaborators at Hudson Institute of Medical Research and the Australian National University, to better understand the anti-inflammatory effects of idronoxil and how they might be exploited to develop a second generation of idronoxil-like small molecules with even greater anti-inflammatory actions applicable to patients with chronic inflammatory/autoimmune diseases and acute inflammation (e.g. septic shock).

In November 2021, Pharmorage in-licensed from Hudson Institute of Medical Research ground-breaking intellectual property concerning immuno-modulating synthetic RNA therapeutics, thereby expanding the Company’s drug discovery reach in inflammatory diseases across both small molecules and oligonucleotides.

In the process, the close working relationship with Hudson Institute has created a strategic alliance putting Pharmorage at the forefront of drug discovery for a wide range of diseases associated with abnormal immunity and inflammation. It also well positions Pharmorage to become a leader in the rapidly emerging field of RNA therapeutics.

Veyonda® is currently not approved in Australia or any other country