Autoimmune Disease

Pharmorage is developing new treatments for autoimmune diseases to target inflammation at its source by using ultra-short oligonucleotide therapeutics.

The first preclinical candidate, SOF-XX, from the Sofra™ technology platform is being developed in collaboration with Hudson Institute of Medical Research and is in the discovery stage. Early work has shown effectiveness against inflammatory skin disease in a preclinical mouse model through the inhibition of TLR7 (Toll-like receptor 7). Ongoing research continues with the aim to develop treatments for conditions such as lupus (SLE) and psoriasis.

Numerous other debilitating autoimmune diseases that reduce quality of life and life expectancy are being explored as potential targets for this oligo-based therapy.

Pharmorage is a fully owned subsidiary of Noxopharm Limited. More information on the science and latest research can be found on the Noxopharm website.